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ActiveWear CoverUp Ostomy Wrap | Series 2


ActiveWear CoverUp Series 2 Wrap contains one wrap, with a bag discretion upgrade & a lower pocket, tailored with wick, heat reducing materials.

Ostomy Support CoverUp Wrap is a pre-tailored ostomy wrap that includes a lower pocket that allows the bottom of the ostomy bag to be held off of the skin and an internal lining upgrade which adds more bag discretion. The ostomy wrap is tailored at 8.5" wide on the torso. 

  • ActiveWear: soft, antimicrobial, durable, & heat reducing materials that stretch and move with the body, similar to athletic clothing
  • CoverUp: adds a pocket to hold the lower portion of the appliance bag
  • Series 2: bag discretion upgrade; includes an internal lining to reduce bag visibility under clothing
    • extends the wear time of your ostomy appliance, holds the bag snug up against the body
    • Machine washable, on delicate, and low-heat dryer safe
    • Can be worn 24/7, 365
    • for men, women, & children for use with any one-piece or two piece ostomy bag: colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy
    **This product is modeled after the following custom made item: CoverUp Ostomy Support Wrap**

    Your supports are an investment in, both, your ostomy care, and for your peace of mind. Cleaning & handling your support products appropriately will prolong their use & function, so that you can focus on what really matters!

    Machine Washable & Low-Heat Dryer Safe

    All PouchWear products are:

    • Machine washable, on delicate
    • Low-heat, dryer safe
    • Wash with like colors
    • Connect any belt closures, prior to washing
    • Items with embroidered images should be flipped inside out, prior to washing

    All PouchWear products are tailored with standardized sizes for quick dispatching. Please allow 1-5 business days, on average, prior to shipping your pre-sized support product(s).

    • PouchWear items are standardized sizes and can be modified/exchanged within 10 days of delivery. Returns are not available

    • Modifications can be initiated on the Returns & Exchanges page.

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