Ostomy Belts

The PouchWear Ostomy Belt is available for vertically, diagonally or horizontally worn ostomy appliances. Best ostomy bag support option to reduce skin irritation and ostomy leaks around the stoma while protecting the flange.  Increases ostomy bag wear time, flange protection, reduces pain and discomfort while supporting the full weight of an ostomy bag and more! all for your from recreational to strenuous activities. Play golf and tennis, go biking or rock climbing, and more... Whatever the activity PouchWear has you covered.
Do what you want, when you want. Do YOU PouchWear?

Now available in three specializations. ActiveWear, RelaxedWear, or SwimWear, ostomy clothing in two series options:
• Series 1 ostomy support: standard support, no upgrades
• Series 2 ostomy support: includes added ostomy bag discretion upgrade

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RelaxedWear Vertical Ostomy Support Belt | PouchWear
RelaxedWear Vertical Ostomy Belt
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