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ActiveWear Horizontal CoverBand Ostomy Wrap | Series 1


ActiveWear CoverBand Ostomy Wrap contains one wrap, with no pocket. Contains a top & bottom band to hold your ostomy bag in the horizontal position; tailored with soft, heat reducing materials. 

CoverBand Wrap is a pre-tailored ostomy wrap that holds the bag snug against the body. The ostomy wrap is tailored at 8.5" wide on the torso with no pockets or pouches. 

  • ActiveWear: wick, antimicrobial & heat reducing materials, similar to athletic clothing
  • Horizontal wear: appliance will be worn horizontally, side to side, when the wrap is equipped. Keep the appliance out of the way throughout the day; most practical option for ostomates with firm, less output.
  • CoverBand: no pocket, hold the appliance bag snug against the body
  • Series 1: standard ostomy support belt with no upgrades
    • extends the wear time of your ostomy appliance, holds the bag snug up against the body
    • Machine washable, on delicate, and low-heat dryer safe
    • Can be worn 24/7, 365
    • for men, women, & children for use with any one-piece or two piece ostomy bag: colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy
    **This product is modeled after the following custom made item: CoverBand Ostomy Support Wrap**

    Your supports are an investment in, both, your ostomy care, and for your peace of mind. Cleaning & handling your support products appropriately will prolong their use & function, so that you can focus on what really matters!

    Machine Washable & Low-Heat Dryer Safe

    All PouchWear products are:

    • Machine washable, on delicate
    • Low-heat, dryer safe
    • Wash with like colors
    • Connect any belt closures, prior to washing
    • Items with embroidered images should be flipped inside out, prior to washing

    All PouchWear products are tailored with standardized sizes for quick dispatching. Please allow 1-3 business days, on average, prior to shipping your pre-sized support product(s).

    • PouchWear items are standardized sizes and can be returned or exchanged within 15 days of delivery.

    • Returns & exchanges can be initiated on the Returns & Exchanges page.

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