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Horizontal Embrace Ostomy Belt

Horizontal Embrace Ostomy Belt

Horizontal Embrace Ostomy Belt


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Horizontal Embrace Ostomy Support Belt is a single-piece belt, with an attached pouch to enclose your ostomy bag in the horizontal position; includes a bag discretion upgrade & has adjustable velcro closures. Belt is tailored with your choice of fabric specialization fabrics and a standard 5.5" wide around the torso.

Perfect for any strenuous or leisurely activities, for men or women, and for any type of ostomy appliance: one-piece or two-piece colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy.

  • Embrace: entire belt is tailored to the width of the appliance bag, 5.5" for both Type 1 & Type 2, instead of the standard 3", to provide additional support for the lower portion of the flange/wafer.
  • Horizontal wear: appliance will be worn horizontally, side to side, when the belt is equipped. Keep the appliance out of the way throughout the day; most practical option for ostomates with firm, less output.
  • Choose your preferred fabric specialization:
      • ActiveWear: wick, antimicrobial & heat reducing materials, similar to athletic clothing
      • SwimWear: light-weight, low-absorb materials, similar to fabrics used in swim suits
      • RelaxedWear: soft & comfortable material, matching casual, knitted apparel
  • Available in two pouch options, giving you the ability to choose the sizing that best fits your appliance:
      • Type 1 (5.5" x 8.5" with a 3" Ring Opening)
      • Type 2 (5.5" x 10" with a 4" Ring Opening)
  • Available in two series options:
      • Series 1: standard ostomy support belt with no upgrades
      • Series 2includes added ostomy bag discretion
  • Machine washable, on delicate, and low-heat dryer safe
  • Can be worn 24/7, 365

      This ostomy belt includes a flex ring, for easy equipping, an internal pocket, so you can conveniently drain the ostomy bag without removing the ostomy belt, and simple to use Velcro closures for quick adjustability. The pouch will keep your ostomy bag off your skin, reducing irritation & increasing hygiene, and replaces uncomfortable elastic straps that dig-in and mark the skin.

      **This product is modeled after the following custom made item: Embrace Ostomy Support Belt**