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Ostomy Pouch Cover

Ostomy Pouch Cover

Ostomy Pouch Cover


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Ostomy Pouch Cover contains one pouch, with a flip-out pocket a standard flex ring. Pouch Covers are a simple ostomy accessory that conceals the contents of your ostomy appliance for all day, everyday comfort and discretion.

  • Choose your preferred fabric specialization:
    • ActiveWear: wick, antimicrobial & heat reducing materials, similar to athletic clothing
    • SwimWear: light-weight, low-absorb materials, similar to fabrics used in swim suits
    • RelaxedWear: soft & comfortable material, matching casual, knitted apparel
  • contains a single pouch cover
  • Choose your series option:
    • Series 1: flex opening for larger rings
    • Series 2adds a reinforced flex ring for a sturdier hold when equipped. Elastic ring option available
    • Series 3: adds a reinforced flex ring, added bag discretion, & internal structure for appliances that tend to droop at the top for better concealment under clothing. Elastic ring option available
  • flip out pocket for easy equip/un-equip & draining of bag without removing the cover
  • Available in two pouch options, giving you the ability to choose the sizing that best fits your appliance:
    • Type 1 (5.5" x 8.5" with a 3" Ring Opening)
    • Type 2 (5.5" x 10" with a 4" Ring Opening)
  • extends the wear time of your ostomy bag
  • fully encloses ostomy bag within the cover, the bag will no longer touch the skin (no pokey corners)
  • machine wash, on delicate, low-heat dryer safe
  • for men, women, & children for use with any one-piece or two-piece appliance: colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy