RelaxedWear Fabric Specialization

Written by PW Pug


Posted on November 06 2019

As we continued to grow, we identified the need for additional material options, specializing fabrics for better utilization in activities such as working out, swimming, accessorizing, etc.

You already have the ActiveWear & SwimWear fabrics, now enjoy RelaxedWear fabrics!


ActiveWear Fabrics
moisture management, wick materials to keep you cooler
• available in belts, wraps, and pouch covers
• athletic clothing materials


SwimWear Fabrics
light-weight, low-absorb materials
• available in belts & wraps
• Swim suit, biking shorts, & yoga pant materials; with a thin profile


RelaxedWear Fabric
standard, soft materials
• available in support belts
• everyday casual, knitted, appareal materials; with a thin profile


Does this mean I need to get one of everything?

Not at all. Just like you can go swimming in a t-shirt & shorts or go jogging in your sweat pants, so too can you use any and all fabrics for any and all activities, we are just giving you the option to choose. All fabric specializations are soft enough to be worn 24/7, 365, even while sleeping.