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We understand that sometimes ordering online, especially ordering ostomy supports online, can be a jumble of information to wade through. We would like to make sure you find all of the information you need to make the best decision on the best supports to meet your needs.

"What is the difference between a belt, a wrap, & a pouch cover?"

Belts and wraps provide different levels of support. Choose the type of support you need:
    • Belts provide heavy support by reinforcing the area around the flange and supporting the weight of the bag as it fills.
      • Wraps provide light support by holding the bag snug against the body, improving discretion under clothing as the bag fills.
        • Pouch Covers are bag accessories and are tailored to keep the contents of your bag concealed.

"How do I choose a size?"

Additional sizing information is available on every product page:
    • Belts: Measure around the body beginning right below your stoma and around the abdomen.
      • Wraps: Measure around the body beginning from where the top of your bag meets the body and around the abdomen.

      All sizes are noted in inches.

"I chose the wrong size, can I exchange it for the correct size?"

Items can be returned within 15 days of receipt & exchanged for a different size. Do not continue to use the item. Item must be returned clean, undamaged, & in it's original packaging.
    Please submit your information on the Returns & Exchanges page to initiate the exchange & to receive an authorization code for the exchange.

"Will these products work with any ostomy?"

Yes, all products will work with any one-piece or two-piece colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy for men, women, and children.

"Why should I wear my ostomy bag vertically?"

Wearing your ostomy bag vertically assists with drainage, keeping the stoma area clear of waste while prolonging the life of the appliance. Both Ileostomy and urostomy appliances require frequent draining due to higher output. Gravity assisted, natural bag position, makes for easier access & draining for new ostomates.

If you are still seeking to wear your ostomy bag in the horizontal position, check out the ReadyMade Ostomy Belt for Horizontal Wear.

"What is the difference between the Ready Set Go and the Premium Custom collections?"

Both collections are hand-made, quality items, tailored in the United States from the brand you love, PouchWear. Because every ostomate is different, we provide different items that make shopping for an ostomy simple.

• The Ready Set Go Collection offers ReadyMade items that are pre-sized and ready to ship within 1-3 business days, on average, prior to shipping. Fast & easy purchasing. ReadyMade items are perfect for ostomates seeking support without needing multiple options, upgrades, or measurements.

• The Premium Custom Collection is available at ostomybagholder.com and offers a variety of fully custom tailored ostomy support products where you can choose your own fabrics, colors, sizes, fits, wear styles, closure types, pocket styles, upgrades, and much, much more. CustomMade items require tailoring timeframes, prior to shipping, to make your order from scratch. Customized supports are perfect for ostomates who have issues with their ostomies including: fistulas, uneven areas around the stoma, uncommon ostomy needs, prefer a customized fit, have hernias, or who have double ostomies.

"Do you offer any discounts?"

Deals are offered at various times throughout the year and will differ from discounts, coupons, and store sales. Information about any current deals is available on the deals page here: https://pouchwear.com/pages/deals

"How long before my order ships?"

Current dispatching time frames are 1-3 business days, prior to shipping, on average depending on demand. This time frame applies to orders placed on, or after, 8/12/20 (check your order confirmation email if you are unsure).

*time frame excludes pillows; pillows are currently dispatching in 1-2 weeks on average

We currently do not offer rush dispatching, however, please add any 'need by' date information in your order comments & all efforts will be made to meet those needs. All orders are filled as soon as possible. Once the order is dispatched, the shipping method chosen during checkout will be applied. The shipping method you choose will determine the amount of time for delivery after the order has left the facility, as estimated by USPS, the shipping agency. Shipping methods do not affect dispatching times.

All shipments to Canada and the United Kingdom will incur additional fees during the checkout process to account for customs duties and VAT fees (up to 20% for the UK). All other international shipments will have no additional fees, but may be required to pay additional fees upon the time of delivery, or for release of their parcel, depending on their countries customs policies & fees. Any fees due for delivery and parcels returned due to buyer not collecting their order from the delivery agency are the buyer's responsibility. PouchWear is not liable for fees, returns, or delays due to any of the above. Please check with your countries importing policies for additional information if needed.

"Can I return my order?"

Items can be returned for a refund within 15 days of receipt. Do not continue to use the item. Item must be returned clean, undamaged, & in it's original packaging. Buyers that return items that are not in their original condition are responsible for any loss in value. All shipping fees are non-refundable.
    Please submit your information on the Returns & Exchanges page, to initiate the return & to receive an authorization code for the return. Packages without authorization codes will be ineligible for returns, may not be accepted or will incur a service fee.

"Do you accept insurance?"

Currently, insurance as an initial payment is not accepted. We do, however, recommend contacting your insurance provider to review their policies, as some ostomates have had success getting partial, or full, reimbursements.