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Sleep Like A King

Sleep Like A King
Ostomy Support Body Pillow
Our first support pillow sale ever!
Promotion is applied when you add coupon code PILLOW10 to the cart or during checkout. Discounts can not be applied to existing orders and can not be added after an order has been placed/confirmed. Can not be combined with any other coupon or promotion. Eligible items include ostomy support pillows at or Offer excludes wholesale, gift cards/certificates, bundle packs, belts, wraps, and covers.
Valid February 26th, 2021 through midnight February 28th, 2021, AZ Time

Important Site Notices

Important Site Notices

In working to improve site experience & support availability, store updates are underway. While the site is under maintenance, you will still be able to shop & view your account, however, you may notice new site features becoming available, new category or product layouts, some new page URLs, and even a couple of new products!

We welcome your feedback as these updates are made and will make additional announcements as the updates are completed & available.


We recently had a number of system errors that did not allow us to receive, or send out, communications & messages. Some automated updates & store communications were also affected.

How does this affect you:

Unfortunately, due to the scope of the issue that was experienced, communications or messages sent to us within the last two weeks may not have been received. Additionally, some follow-up contacts sent from us, in response to communications that were received, have reportedly also not been received.

The next step:

This issue has now been corrected. We are beginning to receive some communications & messages that were sent within the affected time period and, per reports, some outgoing responses have also now been received.

Since we are unable to determine if all communications & messages are able to be recovered, we highly recommend resubmitting any contacts that have not received a reply. Our team is working hard to respond to the communications & messages that are now able to be received in our system.

We apologize in advance if multiple contacts are sent/received as everything is sorted & updated, and for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Fun, New, & all for You!

Fun, New, & all for You!
We love adding new, fun and exciting fabrics to our custom shop With over 60 different styles, there’s something for everyone.
Not just for swimming and looking stylish, DesignWear fabrics are also great for
•dancing          •lounging           •biking           •meditating           •doing yoga          •sleeping          •golfing          •running / jogging          •working          •driving          •working out          •going to school          •enjoying a night out
and just about anything else you can think of!

 Are you ready?

From time to time we will be introducing a limited quantity and selection of DesignWear ReadyMade Support Belts at Keep checking back to see which fabrics will be available and when!

Bundle Packs!

 Bundle packs are making their way to where you can experience the different styles of ostomy wear that we provide. Save more with bundle packs! New embroidery bundle packs coming soon!

ActiveWear Bundle Pack | Series 1: 1 Belt + 1 Wrap + 1 Pouch Cover Embroidery Bundle Pack | Series 2: 1 Blessing + 1 Angel

Custom Timeframe Updates Coming SoonWe have been working hard over the past several weeks clearing up many outstanding orders. Our next step will be returning our custom timeframes, at, back to a 10-15 business day manufacturing timeframe for custom orders.