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ActiveWear Childrens Ostomy Belt

ActiveWear Childrens Ostomy Belt

ActiveWear Childrens Ostomy Belt


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The ActiveWear Childrens Ostomy Belt is an adjustable ostomy support belt, with an attached pouch to fully enclose the ostomy bag, with adjustable Velcro closures located on the back. Closure location ensures children will be unable to unfasten the belt throughout their daily activities. Belt is tailored with soft, sweat reducing, wick fabric.

  • ActiveWear: wick, antimicrobial & heat reducing materials, similar to athletic clothing; paired with a thin, medical grade neoprene belt lining for structure, flexibility, & long lasting functionality.
  • Vertical wear: appliance will be worn vertically, up & down, when the belt is equipped. Let gravity do it's work; most practical option for ostomates with more liquid/runny, frequent output.
    • extends the wear time of the ostomy appliance (change the appliance less often)
    • fully encloses ostomy bag within the belt, the bag will no longer touch the skin (for comfort & hygiene)
      • stretch ring and flip out pocket for easy equip/un-equip & draining of bag without removing the belt
      • Available in two pouch options, giving you the ability to choose the sizing that best fits your appliance:
          • Type 1 (5.5" x 8.5" with a 3" Ring Opening)
          • Type 2 (5.5" x 10" with a 4" Ring Opening)
      • Choose the features for your pouch:
          • Series 1: standard ostomy support belt with no upgrades
          • Series 2: includes added bag discretion in the form of an internal lining
      • can be used with any one-piece or two piece appliance: colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy
      • contains a single belt