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Ostomy Wrap | Special Limited Edition

Ostomy Wrap | Special Limited Edition

Ostomy Wrap | Special Limited Edition


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The Ostomy Support Wrap is a pre-tailored ostomy wrap with a lower pocket but adds an internal lining that increases the discretion of the bag under clothing. The ostomy wrap is tailored at 8.5" wide on the torso. 

  • Special Limited Edition: specialty material available for a limited time only; changing periodically in available colors &/or printed designs.
  • SwimWear / DesignWear / Meadow Series:  light-weight, low-absorb materials, similar to fabrics used in swim suits; materials that stretch and move with the body
  • Choose the features for your pouch:
      • Series 1: standard ostomy support belt with no upgrades
      • Series 2: includes added bag discretion in the form of an internal lining
  • extends the wear time of your ostomy appliance, holds the bag snug up against the body
  • some colors/designs may be available for a limited time
  • Machine washable, on delicate, and low-heat dryer safe
  • Can be worn 24/7, 365
  • for men, women, & children for use with any one-piece or two piece ostomy bag: colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy
 Choosing your size:
For the best fit, measure starting at the top of the ostomy appliance and around the body.
Measure at the top of your appliance, and around the body.
This measurement will not always match your waist size depending on the location of your stoma. This measurement is not your clothing size.

**This product is modeled after the following custom made item: CoverUp Ostomy Support Wrap**